Market Showdown Monday?

Not too technical (we hope!) but there was some odd market behavior at the Friday close.  So, this morning, we take a look at how it was Mr. Ure went short knowing that he would miss the absolute best short entry, but still wanted to be “in the game” for Monday. Did he get “suckered?”

Options expirations always explain a lot.  But when we see a good “running of the shorts” – who were playing the role of Rational Investors – we get pretty excited about forward possibilities.

With the death of an AWOL American SEAL in Ukraine, we’re concerned about possible “plausible deniability engineering” behind administration claims of “no troops in Ukraine.”

Which part of “surprised” – right?

A few headlines and a preview of a very long report coming Wednesday as we go “one step beyond” our previous “Digital Scrying” discussion on UrbanSurvival.

With a major contributed work from G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation website plus my own scratchings at the problem of “Cultivating Prescience.”  For fun and (who knows?) maybe some profit might be in there, too.

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