Mainly, It’s the Charts

This may sound like a “dog ate my homework” excuse, but on my latest trip to the eye doc, it was discovered that the eye pressure had dropped to a worrisome 5 – it should have been up around 12-20 at this stage.  As the eye doc explained, it’s sot of like having a flat tire, and with the pressure low, the repaired eye was not doing well.

One thing led to another and turns out (like the flat tire) it had a leak, so emergency eye surgery again on Tuesday.  Because of that, we will only have a few (nevertheless cynical) remarks on the flow of what passes for “news” this morning. 

Oh, don’t sound depressed:  There are certain indications that our call for a pending market decline may be about to play out over the coming week, or two, before we get into what should be the final blow-off top before the Greater Depression sets in in the 2017-2018 timeframe.  That’s when you should have your financial house in order for whatever comes next.

In the meantime, we will be focused on conservative trading and our unique way of looking at markets because if you have a little money in a Depression (Greater, or otherwise) there’s very little to be depressed about, provided you observe the old Cuban saying “Don’t count your money in front of the poor...”

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