Low-Cost Prepping for a Troubling Fall

No, don’t panic.  The world is not going to end without more notice than we
have now.  But yes, some decent-sized problems could arise and IF they do,
and  there are a lot of things regular folks, even those on Social Security, can do to
improve their personal prospects.  In the worst case you’ll have simple
pre-purchased a lot of goods that you’ll need in coming months anyway.  How
long does a can of cream of mushroom soup last?  Or a can of tuna or
chicken breast?  So today we’ll go through the thinking and the planning
because while we always hope for the best, we’re also ready for something less
than that.  Before we roll up our sleeves, though, a drop of two more of
that Kona roast/decaf blend.  If you think the headlines are jittery now, just
give it a few months.

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