Long Wave Research Notes

This week, our research focuses on calendars behind human cycle recognition.  Ever since the (failed) 2012 “End of the World” predictions of others, we have been fascinated with the question “What did they get wrong?”

Turns out, there is plenty of opportunity to have screwed up a lot.

Worse is that the Mayan Long Count isn’t the only thing off.  Understand if some of this is right – even here and there – even things like Nostradamus might be off several years – which is why 1999 dating might be wrong to us, but have been right back then.

To make sure a fine time is had by all, however, we will begin this morning with $53 million in cash, crypto, and more Europol agents than you can count.  Seems the long-expected government crack-down on crypto as a crime tool has begun in earnest.

Then we have Fed Day – and we’ll see this afternoon how crazy things will get – next.

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