Line, Bounce, Crash

Our outlooks provide for a drop of more than 1,000 Dow points before month-end. Today is Bounce. Though we have to admit a certain fascination with learning whether the Replay/Rhyme on 1929 can possibly be that deterministic.

In other words, one path forward through a chaos theory window is to conduct high-intensity study of starting points.  Since theory holds that the more is known about initiation states, the more range-bound solution sets (to chaos) become.  Hence, improved insight into Future.

In case you already know this (and our love of differential stochastics), we offer a short discussion of how to become a “Vicious Consumer” as mentioned on this week.

Looking ahead, while a projected thousand-point crash (in a day) may seem like a very Big Deal, it’s really not. Since percentagewise it’s relatively common for this portion of the major Wave 3 Decline of the economic long wave. We could have 10 such drops (circuit breakers notwithstanding) through the end of this year. In fact, before Turkey!

Because if the rhyme doesn’t change, we could be in for a decline of more than six-thousand points in a two-day period before Thanksgiving. Try first week of November.

Yes, things are getting serious and about to go totally off the rails. But remember who was telling you in August to get the Fall garden in?

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