LANWAPR: Luck, Assets, Net Worth and Prospects

We need to focus on Luck, once in a while.  Any discussion of Personal Finance that doesn’t include heavy weighting to Luck is absent a solid foundation.  Should be obvious to anyone who understands statistics and the long, deep schism between Religious and Reductionism.

More importantly is the matter of how event in physics are driving the world toward some earth-shaking revelations.  But these will come slowly.  Mass consciousness takes a while to “change then regain new momentum.”

Today we start this series of nerdographs about the MWI and a society-wide move towards the Ultimate Reconciliation Event.  (Suspicion of how that abbreviates?  You have gained 3-IQ points.)

Before that discussion, however, there are matters of the new Jobs data from ADP just out.  Then a few headlines – yes, war still lurks in our future – and then the Charts.  which for now are trying to break out of a real slump notched in January.

Strong coffee and a crisp view of things ahead is our first stop.

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