Kiss the Fed Goodbye?

Just too much going on to ignore fresh developments in CryptoLand. Bye-bye to some long-sought down-time.  Developments at the Federal Reserve in research beg for analysis and commentary.

So here we go.

On the back burner, for now, is  our Big Project – which I hope to have ready for Labor Day Weekend.  It just sailed through 14-thousand words in length.  A seventh of a novel…non-fiction, though.

Superficially its premise is UFO data hints they may be from Here. We draw some fascinating conclusions through data, and in light of recent “disclosure” events.  Like the shows on TV lately.  Does the data leak evidence of “breakaway” involvement is pondered.

When you start “dot-connecting” there’s a mighty big rabbit hole to explore.

For today, short comments after we skim some headlines and “do the charts.”

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