KDM: Knowledge Deficiency Mapping

Even  approaching 71, no shortage of learning to do – much of it involuntarily.  Life keeps changing and one needs to “keep ahead of it.”

An interesting example is the growing complexity of DAW (digital audio workstation) software.  Occasioned by our upcoming first Peoplenomics Podcast which is estimated to be out New Years Eve.

Fortunately, high-speed learning is what we do.  What to learn, though?  That’s an issue. 

Turns out a useful key is mapping out what you don’t know, so you don’t waste time getting to the answers you’re after.

Today we looking at “speed learning” after a few headlines and the ChartPack as 2019 winds up…Too busy (and did I mention old?) for another six-year degree,  we get focused on six-second answers.

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