Is the World Ending July 1st?

A number of readers – and even our visiting house guest – asked this week about whether there would really be a “…collapse of the US Dollar on July 1st?

In a word, “NO!  Not likely.”  But we’ll explain this as a “matter of FACTA”  in due course.

But the fact that people even have questions about such an eventuality gets us into a “teaching mood” and so a number of quick “lessons from the newsroom” on how to sort out fear-mongering from reality are in order.  Maybe a simple set of rules so the next time you have a question like “Is the dollar collapsing in 2-months?” you’ll be able to answer it without help.

While I put on my best James Spader impression (spoofing the series The Blacklist”) and come up with a snappy quote, we’ll nosh and bean as we prick a few headlines, or was that headline a few….  Then onto the morning digital Danish:  Nine rules to avoid being an idiot.

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