Is the Whole World in an Information Bubble Economy?

imageToo early to say Happy Halloween – but not to early to say Happy Fed Day.

Of course, we all know what a bubble economy is.  We have been through plenty of them.  And when they fall apart, they hurt – badly.

This morning, we ask a terribly important question:  Is the whole “information economy” something of a load-balanced Xeon-powered server bubble that will blow over one of these days?

Just as the market collapse in 1929 was the result of malinvestment from too much hype about growth, industrialization and the emergence of mass media, could we be in a similar place today?  Big data isn’t an answer – it’s the problem as we shall discover.

And intriguing question…so pour that cuppa your favorite and let’s dig in…with 4,300 words and nine charts and graphs, you may need a refill on this one.

Oh, and a surprising update on Bitcoins as an investment, too…

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