Is the Joke On Women?

January 19, 2013 — As you may recall, since I’ve mentioned it a few times, that I’m in  the process of writing my next book (concurrently with finishing the update to  “How to Live on $10,000 a year, or less” [4th edition].  The new book is “Cradle  to Grave: Everything’s a Business Model” and it is an unabashed rethink of what  the sheep have been taught…things like the history of the Women’s Movement.   This week I’ll give you a short chapter first draft on exactly this poiont and  present statistics that show the main beneficiaries of the women’s moment may  have been…MEN  and corporations.  Whether this was a good thing (furtherance  of human rights) or just a business model (more jobs competition) designed to  hold down labor costs and wreck the nuclear family, we can debate all day.   Which we can after first delving into a few warmer-upper headlines to get the  old blood pressure up.  With some help from that hardest working woman of all…Mrs.  Olson.

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