Is the Budget Bill Illegal?

January 2, 2013 — I’ve had so  many notes up on the computer that now that I’ve gone paperless they’re all  going to have to turn into reports.  So this morning we look (yet again) gun  control, calls to overthrow the Constitution with a replacement, a check of  famine prospects, plus we pencil out the date when China will overtake the USA  as biggest global economy.  Hint:  Sooner than you think.  First, though, let’s  all wander off to the headlines and have some of that “The Economy is fixed”  Kool-Aid being served up in Washington this morning where the Fiscal Cliff  Kabuki – Phony Budget Cut Act is just getting out… Lace up your  can-kickers…this is harsh…but watch markets rally like mad today.  Until  someone besides me figures out the spending bill may be illegal…

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