Inflected Future

Football weather is our opening topic today because it’s a mood indicator.  When people are stressed, normalcy looks pretty good.  Last refuge of denial.

Yet, as we “line ’em up” today, we can see that markets still can’t be counted “down and out” yet.  Although, depending on how next week goes – plus events in UKR and Taiwan – the way forward is being cast even now.

If you haven’t read it, a very good (allegorical?) description of how the future arrives is contained in Michael Crichton’s book Timeline.  The street-level version is it’s like watching the tiny bubbles on the bottom of a glass of ginger ale. As they ascend to the surface, the grow in size. Potentialities increase.

The day-to-day news flow is a lot like that.  We are stuck, most of us, looking at only a thin horizontal view slice through the glass.  Yet, with practice, we first open to the bubbles are future getting ready to “pop” and then the real fun begins.

Spotting the tiniest of bubbles before our today slice.  The ones that will grow largest – and hold the most sway over our lives – in days, weeks, and months to come.

We’ll skip the ginger ale, though.  Coffee or tea is best at this hour.  Though bubbly is nice. Just not so early in the day.

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