Independent Human Research Groups (IHRGs)

Tired of wasting your time on social media and election jitters? This morning we outline a new concept to evolve the “next big steps” in human evolution.

While a lot of Americans have been wasting “personal processor clicks” on fears of riots, insurrections, and voter fraud allegations, we’ve been working on a tool that could be spun out of social media.

In a nutshell, insight and intelligence do not live on a Bell Curve.  Yet, as humans, we organize ourselves as-if it were the only way of ‘being.’

I assure you, it is not.

So, this morning, we begin inventing a new “system of inventing.”  One that harnesses the power of large bodies of humans and their intelligences in a way that’s never been done before.

After a few comments on elections, headlines, and our Aggregate Markets view of finance.

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