Imagineering Your Home

“You are Where You Think.”
Yes, that’s right.  There’s more to Life than making money so today we stretch-out a bit and do extreme home make-overs.
More than even what you eat, I believe people’s environment determines their productivity and, in the special case of home, you are very-much influenced by the vibe of the dwelling you live in.
Many people never “get into it” but to us, there is nothing more enjoyable than a home where every room transports you mentally to a “new way of thinking and being.”  Today, a bunch of notes on how we set about it – and a couple of highly-recommended books and resources.  Including some “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?” tech.
First, though, we will roll through some headlines and have a look at the market which closed just barely under our 23,723.38 target level on Tuesday but trading much of Tuesdfasy above it.  Time to call a top?
We bean up and roll…

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