How Preppers Waste Money

March 2, 2013 — (Ellijay, GA.) Our plans to return to Texas on Saturday blew up when a no-go  item on the checklist failed on the test flight…no pilot-side mic keying.  So,  by the time that was fixed, it was too late to depart for Texas…so two more  nights were planned waiting for some after-snow clearing due Sunday morning.   Which left plenty of time to get up in the middle of the night, watch the cars  in the parking lot get covered with snow, and think about how preppers waste  money.  Not that it’s been exactly ‘front on mind’ for me, until we got into a  discussion Friday about how planning for dogs in a prepper setting may be a huge  waste.  One thing led to another and that’s how my list got started.  Before we  dig into that, however, a few morning headlines – and our chart pack – to get us  rolling…

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