Holiday Futuring Exercises

imageWith the Holidays immediately before us, a few notes on personal futuring are in order.

Whenever you have people over for the holidays that you don’t see all the time, it’s a unique opportunity to got “knowledge trolling.”

By the time most of us get to “investing age” (which we define as having more than $50 bucks left-over on payday), we have some fairly concrete expectations about the way we thing the world ought to work.

However, as our investing results often feed back to us, our expectations are often wrong about the future.

So forthwith, some ideas of turning some of those otherwise dreadfully boring holiday get-togethers into incredibly interesting (and possibly profitable) investment trolling sessions.

The amazing part to me?  Everyone has a piece of the future – and oftentimes the non-investor doesn’t realize the value of what’s stuck between their ears.

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