Ho to Judge Business Models

February 20, 2013 — (Ellijay, GA.) Suppose for a minute that there were some kind of “other  world” out there which had inhabitants in it and that one of the jobs of these  “otherworlders” was to figure out an easy-to-use method of evaluating “good”  people and distinguishing them from “bad” people.  Could it be done?  Since I’m  sequestered (ahead of the rest of the country) writing my next book “Cradle to  Grave” Everything’s a business model” in a Georgia motel room, I’ve been working  on precisely this question.  It’s a kind of Boolean IF – THEN.  Surprisingly, the  answer turned out to be easy, but only if you have been following our “WuJo”  reports of late.  So after a a look at some headlines, some thoughts on how  “other-worlds” might judge human business models…and in turn, human progress.   Why it might even work for us inmates in life, too…

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