HFGH: How the Future Gets Here

Forget the over-touted multiverseParallel dimensions are likely real, not some computer simulations of reality.  And not to be confused with the “real-thing” Reality, after all.

Before we explain parallel universes intersecting with this one, however, we first need to spend some time understanding how the Future – yes, the real one – as in here and now – actually gets here.

Amazingly, we do know more than we think we know about Future.  But, as we’ll explain, we have not put enough neurons on task as a society to evolve new ways to think about future.  And wrest control of it back from those who have already hijacked it.

Which seems to be a reasonably interesting – mid half-week thinking point – as we size up how markets are evolving toward what should be a fascinating next week. And month end when war becomes pending.

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