Here Comes

Turns out (surprising even me) that the final chapter of our “100-Year Toaster” book is not only a radical manufacturing idea, but a full-on website and business model, as well.  Who would have suspected?

Our “big project” for 2020 is to release a new kind of business model into the wild. Today, we take the covers off a new idea that has world-changing potential.

As background, remember our concept “The Public Design Library?”

The idea we had and laid out fort subscribers 12-years ago has effectively arrived.  See Peoplenomics report 04/27/2008  This week’s report “Micropreneuring and the Future of Mass Customization” gets me to inventing the “Public Design Library”

We’re fairly pleased to have gotten some discussion going and to see that outfits like and Thingiverse are now filling the void that we proposed back in ’08.

Now, it’s time to “kick the future in the ass” again…so we will lay out the Ultra-Make project.  I’ll hit a few points in today’s podcast, too.

After the headlines, ChartPack, and noodles-on-the-fly…which is what we do around here.

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