Hedging Future Tech Shock

While our predicted Wave 3 down seems to continue organizing, we will address the elephant in the room for young people. Because conditions soon to appear will drive not only newly graduated from high school and colleges to question where the “best bet on Future” is, but as the economy unravels (from here) and in coming years, as well, understanding how to purposely create your own future will be a very desirable skill.

Of course, with the Fed meeting today, a few fresh numbers early and the downhill snowball picking up speed, it would seem to be plenty to write about.

“But wait. There’s more.”  In the  ChartPack, we will take a couple of swipes at actual numerical target for the future.

No, we don’t offer financial advice, but we did clear last Friday’s short position Tuesday. Now we’re waiting for a modest rally to set in.

More as we go – a ton to cover today. Like the ADP Jobs data just out.

Oh, and the ChartPack is something we are anxious for G.A. Stewart to comment on because we have a “date range of interest” on a technical basis…

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