Has “Tech” Attacked America?

We  declare World War 3 underway.  And the Battlespace is Everywhere. If you have a device, you are on the battlefield.

Evidence is mounting that America is under attack from within – and without.  It’s a digital war and the A.I. goon squads are under development.

This is warfare not fought by the “usual suspects” though Antifa and extremism are cited by the lackadaisical band of pretenders passing themselves off as “media.”

Like any complex game, that’s one of the beginner levels.  Today, we go one level up.

The concept is not new:  There’s already a lot of speculation on less-than-mainstream sites about a certain billionaire, about Covid as a bio-weapon, and how the Mark of the Beast nano-tech is being injected into formerly free humans.

Can the nanoparticles in CV vaccine do more than just shuttle RNA around?  Not the kind of thing easily checked, is it?

The fear is vaccinations will be required in order to buy or sell.  To travel or leave home. And soon, it may be required to work at United Airlines and other employers.  Already, we hear of healthcare workers being told the shots are mandatory.  Where is the limit?

Some of this sounds fringy, but much of this cuts closer to the bone than comfortable.  Depends which glasses and blue pill or red…

Today, we will do a quick field survey and consider a little-publicized (in fact, almost unknown) work product by a group of military war-gamers in 1996.

In an report that continues to amaze some of its authors, we have evolved warfare from one-on-one human, to armies and from there to….programmers.

Along the way, battlespace once defined by set-piece fortifications (Maginot Line and the Berlin Wall) is now on your phone, on the desktop, and leaking around your firewall.

The shots are being fired, but Tech is the best silencer ever built.

After headlines and the ChartPack, of course. But then the fun begins.

In War-For-All, the battlespace is on every device.

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