Has George Jetson’s Space Car Been Stolen?

A reader of ours, and a viewer of the old Jetsons cartoon series from the 1960’s, has been wondering just how we’re doing on the road to the high tech future of George Jetson, his wife Jane and their two teenage kids fly around in space cars.  America is short of dreams right now, so sure, let’s look into the future of personal flight…

Since this is not a real serious market day, and neither is Friday, we’re going to “lighten up” a bit and do a little comparing of the regulated, engineered, computed future versus the cartoon image of what the future oughta be like.  We’ll skip over parts you already know – like the World’s Fair idea that atomic power would make electricity “too cheap to measure.”  We know how that one worked out.

Before the fun, though, a few headlines and our Trading Model.  Money never takes a holiday, except as a hostage, perhaps. 

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