Hacktopolypse: The Processors Per Person Problem

This has been one hell of a week on the Internet. 

Today we have a couple of personal action steps you might want to consider to increase your personal resistance to being hacked.

Not only have we suffered a massive melt of computer trading that led to trading halts at mid-week, but we had the head of the Office of Policy Management step down as 21-million current and former federal workers had their personal information hacked.

As it’s not just in the government sector:  UrbanSurvival’s server farm was hit with a massive DDOS attack on Friday, as well.  Peoplenomics was down only briefly.

So what’s ahead?

This morning we sample the data, look at potential impacts, and wonder about the Processors Per Person Problem. 

After charts, a few headlines, and a look at our Trading Model which seems to be saying the current turbulence in life is not over, yet…

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