Global Coastal Event Nearing?

April 24, 2013 — If you’ve been  following the predictive linguistics developed by Clif at for any length  of time, you’ll know that for many years there has been reference in the data to  a global coastal event which is due just about any old time now.  All of which  doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen.  It just means that in a bunch of  computer code there’s a statistical anomaly which may come from an artifact in  how the data is distilled, or it could be the project is being “spoofed” by  forces that don’t want the future closely inspected.  Perhaps it could be that  something as odd as headlines or a massive thought virus could be at work; not  an actual planet-shaker.  Still, even the possibility of something massive  “dis-ordinary” happening in the next month that results in a moment to reflect  on how modern complex society would fare if worse really does come to worse.   This as more after headlines and coffee, of course. End of World talk is bad on  an empty tummy.

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