Gambler’s Market

Our September only gains closed the month +9.8 percent. Yes, this pencils out to about 300 percent per year.   Remarkably, we have readers who are doing even better than us.

We don’t approach stocks as “investing” anymore.  We treat the market like a wager. When you do that, things like dollar-cost-averaging get tossed out the window.  You’d never go to the track and place half your bet before the bell and half on the stretch, would you?

In fact, it’s so simple – and so much like wagering – that I considered writing a book (and website) about the technique. I was going to call it “” – even lined up the name.

But my consigliere said “Why share? The more people that use it, the lower your returns will be.” And he’s right.   (Pssst! Buddy! Wanna buy a domain name – cheap?)

Still, since you’ve been so good to us (by subscribing) the least we can do is share some of this month’s stats and a few “gambling inspirations” to get you pointed in the right direction.

After we get through a few headlines and the ChartPack.

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