FunVestments and “Mobbies”

After Pandemic coverage and ‘peachy remarks?”Mobbies:  Hobbies that make money.”

Sure, stocks are up – bigly – but is that really fun?    Today, we look at some of the ways we have tried to make some minor “Funvestments” in life.

And, having done so, I have to say while they haven’t all been winners, the closer I get to the final column, the more perceived value there is in the funvestments compared to most everything else.

We’ll collect some collectable ideas after our usual weekend fare – pandemic and impeachment updats, the ChartPack and Podcast #6 with Chris McCleary on where we are with dreams out on the psychology frontier. 

A nice change-up from pandemics and impeachings, methinks.  Who said “You deserve a break today?”  We like that plan…a lot!

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