Four War Monte

We call today’s discourse “Thousand Paper Cuts Trading” with good reason.

We begin this fine spring weekend by asking what do Sophia LorenStephen BoydAlec GuinnessJames MasonChristopher PlummerMel Ferrer, and Omar Sharif have in common?  If you guessed “That 1964 blockbuster “The Fall of the Roman Empire” you’d be right.

Which is really our main point this morning: Since to some of us old “geezerly” types, current events are popping right out of the Western Empire playbook.

With paper instead of a genuine coin of the realm.

With Bitcoin at $27,262 at press time, we think the global picture is on the verge of dimming, considerably.

Some navigation into Future discussion ahead in this morning’s extended ChartPack presentation is in order.

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