Force Majeure for the Paranoid

As something of a perma-Bear I am frequently found playing the short side of markets; betting things will get worse, not better.

No, I don’t suffer from depression, except insofar as we all do in a “do-nothing economy.”  Nor do we cower for fear of the future.

Still, being short – being right – and getting paid – and getting settlement – are four separate financial processes. In order to make money on the short side of markets, all four must be done in proper sequence.

Each has quirks you’d better know about if you go messing around shorting markets.  This is never financial advice, per se.  Rather it’s a discussion of useful points to remember when “Figuring to get rich off the outbreak of World War III.”

Which we’ll get into after a few headlines and the morning’s ChartPack which is showing some odd formations to consider…

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