Focus on The Ides and Oddballs

As we wrap up February next week, The Ides of March loom large. Not that Julius Caesar will be assassinated again, but the World could be on a hard boil by then as global events remind us of an old Talking Heads song – “Lifetime Piling Up.

The good news, such as it can be when so many of the G.A. Stewart Nostradamus pieces are falling into place, is that many of our deepest questions about “Who was behind the Dump Trump” move has come into the open due to an amazing Tucker Carlson interview with Michael Benz in the past week.

A link to that – it’s worth every minute of the full hour to watch – is included.  Since we have entered the Post Constitution period. When self-righteous “defenders of America” are breaking the country on the pretext of “saving it.”

Against this outlandish (criminal) usurpation of power from the electorate, we also look in on that “free money to play stocks” deal run by the Bank of Japan that lit off another moonshot in the markets this week.

But will it all hang together, or are we at another one of those Beware the Ides of March deals?

Two cups and onward.

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