Financial Icebergs Colliding

Subscriber Note:  This Weekend’s report will be published around mid day Sunday because I really need more bandwidth than is practical shipboard (like some software runs on financial sites to make sure we’re using Big Data to our advantage.  I’ll be running data scanning from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning and then working out how to read those text leaves…

(Somewhere of Honduras)  This morning we pull back the curtains to reveal the chart no one in government bothers to mention.  The reason?  It’s based on a couple of things that go largely unreported in the mainstream press.  Among these is the inflation-adjusted income level or workers, the real population of the US (which yes, includes deployed military) and from this we can make a most revealing chart of how economic reality has been working out.

Which, it shouldn’t surprise you, is much more like the economic long wave than the touts of this or that from either party.

If you’re strongly partisan, it will be a disappointment.  The political process, when you count all the bodies and all the inflation adjusted average earnings data has merely reduces politics to the Pinocchio Party and the Lying Fishermen’s Party…and we’re all out for a cruise with them.

Care to guess among what?

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