Fats & Hats–Life by the Pound

Data-driven oddities to note before and after TSHTF

A lot of UrbanSurvival readers think our Peoplenomics.com site is only about playing markets, saving for retirement and generally getting one-up on The Money Game.

Surprise!   It’s not.

It’s really about getting the most out of life and we broadly define that as our transactional relationships with the world.

Today we serve up a longish report with some tantalizing (non-stock market) ideas.  The first as we reveal a potential cause of U.S. (and global) obesity rates which are non-apparent but which line-up with historical data well.  Do we have a new “magic weight loss regimen?”  Read-on.  (Maybe…)

The second morsel is looking at everything (right down to which car to buy) as an exercise in cost-per-pound analysisThere’s another surprise in the data there.

After our latest breaking economic news just out, and oh, sure, a handful of charts as we track the market through its latest gyrations…

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