Faster Than Light Adventures (2)

With markets insane, and with Fitch lowering its outlook on U.S. debt to negative, there’s a “clock running” on America before the Second Depression is widely felt. We need a break.

So, this morning we take off for a little side trip into some “things going on” and how they weave into a whole cloth.

Want to tie space travel, UFO’s, cattle mutilations, and why all that money into CERN into a big coherent wad?  We take a stab at exactly this. 

Mental distractions aside, we also hit the charts which are back to a “break up” or “break down” line for the coming week.

And if that’s not inspiring enough, how about forward CV-19 outlooks?

(Do we know how to have a fun summer weekend around here, or what?)

Click ahead…but you’ve been warned.  It’ll be stranger in here than it is “out there.” 

Or not…’cuz “out there” looks pretty sketchy to us…

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