False Flag Evidence and A Family Feud on ‘Peak Oil’

My brother in law announced to Elaine recently that “There is no ‘Peak Oil’
and went on to explain how we have oil coming out of our ears and on thing led
to another and next thing you know, I was biting my tongue and slinking out the
door toward my office because I wanted to write a rather lengthy response
because a number of readers, a few subscribers, and even my brother in law don’t
thing that Peak Oil is real.  So this morning we run through some
definitional points and scale the reality.  At it’s extremes, at $10,000 a
barrel, there is no peak oil…but here in under $10/gallon land, that’s another
matter altogether.  But before we get into the modeling of how Peak Oil
works, we’ll run through some headlines and a cuppa coffee or three…

How about we start with damning false flag which you can find here in web archives from January of this year?
  (Note this Link may not work in Explorer, but it works in Firefox…)  You can follow the
backlinks to the genesis of current events by following links to that story
source...or try this InfoWars stories from January 28.

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