Emergency “Click Prepping”

OK, let’s say – just for the halibut – that we wake up some morning like tomorrow – and our worst fears all show up.  What is our immediate reaction?  Got “salvation” preset to roll in one click?

Years ago, we talked about how fire departments operated in the “old days.”  This was before databases – and even VLSI’s come to think of it…  For every call that came in, there was a “running card.”

Every home, building, office –  you name it – in the city had a running card.  Building inspections and assessments of fire risks were all pre-annotated.  If there’s smoke, send a first response of units X, Y, and Z.  If flames were visible, send in a chief, two more engine companies, and a ladder truck.  First alarm right up through a 3-11 (3rd alarm).

Saved tons of time, prevented errors and indecisions.  Yet, in an even more complex “battlefield of corporate earth” does anyone really have this kind of programmatic response pre-tailored and ready to rock and roll?

In how many clicks?

Our topic this morning after a few headlines and the soaring charts…

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