Electronic Prepping: What You Didn’t Know…

Since I wrote the book “Broken Web: The coming collapse of the Internet” (yes, you can get it on Amazon) I’ve been watching many of the things forecast in that book come into view and become part of the American consciousness.

This morning we present the first of two reports this week, one of which is a free piece of software that might increase your personal privacy and which may help insulate you from coming internet attacks on American infrastructure.

And then, this coming weekend, we hope to have ready an interview with Manfred Rolle, who’s one of the leading internet security gurus (and architect with chief software designer Jens) of the very successful Maxa Cookie Manager. 

Sure, canning, heritage seeds, water purification and 1,800 FPM rounds may seem like great prepping items, but we covered most of that for subscribers in back issues over the past 13-years of Peoplenomics issues in the subscriber archive.  Things like raising goats and solar power system design?  Sure, old hat.  MRE storage temps?  I’m sure we’ve covered it somewhere…

But with all that prepping behind us (not to mention our EMP strategies) we have moved a lot closer to being able to deal with the “real-time threats” and hence this morning’s focus.

After coffee and nosh…can’t bravely go where no one else bothers on an empty tummy, or half asleep, can we?

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