Eight Years of Obama: Ahead or Behind?

Figures can lie, and liars can figure said Mark Twain. 

Never could such a statement be more true than when looking at the economy.  And this morning we will do just that, since on Friday, the new GDP figures came out. 

It’s not a simple thing to figure, but amazingly, our numbers and some federal stats match up, we must be on the right track somewhere.

Still, by the time you’re done digesting the “down the rabbit hole, up, around, behind, and over the log” to get there, you’ll have a better idea than most as to why the mainstream parties are falling to the “Outsiders Siege.”

What we really have is a set of numbers that document your experience of “Eight years of work and no better life to show for it.”

And for millions, it’s been another year older and deeper  in debt, and we’re not just talking the coal miners.

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