eBook: Planning to Build a House (Part 1)

You do know the “worst of times” is when you might actually have time for a big project, right?

With the problems in the economy unfolding in the wake of last week’s Fed decision; and with more financial concerns about the period ahead, we step out of our usual “let’s make some money” reports to make sure you have the thinking tools to help get your own roof over your head.

Oh, sure, we will do the stock market outlook and charts as always (and they have been really prescient lately).  And we will look at the daily load of headlines.

But if you ever want to build your own home or get an idea what a person really has in a home on the materials side, listen up Bunkie.  Like the Bud commercials say “This one’s for you…”

If you are young and presently rent, this may open up some new vistas of thought for you.  How achievable our numbers are will depend on where you live.

In our rural Texas county, there is not even a Building or Health Department.  So, it follows, there’s no building permit needed.  We pick up our hammers and saw.

In other areas of the country, especially those whose growth has been high, but has leveled off, bureaucracies need a reason to exist.  The mere act of buying a couple of hunks of sheetrock can be an issue.  Seriously!  I went through this in California, 20-some years back.  (You don’t have to answer anyone’s questions in a hardware store!)

While we generally like building departments that are well run (the plans desk is one of the best places on earth to get sound building advice), not everyone is your friend.  The matter of power and politics cannot be trivialized. Don’t even bring up Zoning.

Government concerns are mainly predicated on America’s history of massive residential and commercial building fires (Great Chicago, the Seattle Fire, just about every city has one when you dig into it).  In order to “save the public from itself” taxes are raised, fees applied, and inspectors hired… Wet seals on plans weasel into the mix as the word gets out. Everyone has their hand out (for money) when comes to this business of becoming King of your own Castle. Double-especially if you DIY it.

It’s the American way. Ewe copy?

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