Easter Around the Ranch

While we wait for what seems like a Wave 2 rally to complete, a look at what life’s really like around here.  Sure, people talk about wanting to get back to simpler times, but when comes down to it, are you sure that getting reacquainted with sweat is something you’re interested in?

I mean a lot of people are quite happy going to work for the 40-70 hour workweek, as long as there’s an open latte stand along the way…

Nowadays, with fewer stands open, the simpler life may beckon,. but is it for you?

Podcast 17 is here, and on it, m y long-time friend Gaye Levy gives some perspective on how things are in Arizona.

Mainly, though, this is a kick-back weekend.  Work on the garden, and as you’ll see, a lot of plain old work that goes into living apart from those disease-carrying critters we all are learning to fear:


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