Dying On Schedule

February 16, 2013 — A friend of mine, Dr. Ron Klatz who heads up the American Academy of Anti-Aging  Medicine, A4M.com, recently announced plans  for something to be called Taskforce13.  The reason this is such an  important issue at present is that the global power elite are trying to figure  out what to do with emergent anti-aging technologies which indisputably work.   After being ready to railroad anti-aging, Klatz was one of the key people at the  World Economic Conference in Dubai, who successfully argued in favor or  age-extension technologies and that, at least for now, has a lot of shakers and  movers in the PTB going back to the drawing board to figure out “OK, so what DO  we do?”  The reason is clear:  The way ahead is particularly grim if you look  just at the dollars and cents, instead of focusing first on the sense of what  our real choices are.  So this week, a look at the balance scale to see what  life extension may – and may not – be able to do.  After our usual morning  headlines, first…

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