Durables, UI Filings, Charts

This being a semi-vacation week, we’re keeping on point with breaking economic news.  Since people are moving around the country in huge numbers (55+ million) for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Our consigliere had an earlier-than-expected arrival due to “dueling Garmin’s.”  Yep – sitting in the driveway here, one routes his return via Athens, Texas while the other one heads through Frankston and via Tyler, Texas.

One of the many problems of software are instances like this of “digital inconsistencies.

 Which doesn’t matter much at one level (both units would have gotten him here – or home for that matter).

But, as extensible thinking intrudes, we wonder what the implications are for A.I. down the road?  Schizoputera? Dueling AA.I.’s with humans in the squeeze?

We kick off with a couple of news releases just out and then review the ChartPack which is pretty darned interesting.

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