Dueling Nonlinearities

Some hardcore economic reality leaked this week from one of the regional Fed chiefs.  But it’s not making headlines.  Maybe because it’s not a furtherance of monetizing Americans.  A refreshingly candid view of things ahead.

Moral hazard abounds in America these days.  Particularly in economics.

Would you walk into a crooked Casino if they had a sign outside that said: “We cheat so You can win!“?  That’s the position investors are increasingly finding themselves in.

And the decision-making comes down to runaway nonlinear situations in healthcare, finance, pensions, monetary systems, and spills out onto the streets as the “shamed and blame” of Cancel Culture and other such pap.

What’s an investor to do?

Some thoughts on this after a few headlines in our ChartPack.

Do market cycles foretell events to come next week, or is the market merely reactive.  Causative?  Not?

My head hurts already…

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