Drones & Prepping?

Bet you didn’t know there are over a million drones now registered in the U.S., did you?  Are there any prepping angles to them?  The answer, says your newly-minted Part-107 Remote Pilot is “Hell yeah!”  It’s a long weekend and care to guess who has play on his mind?

Of course, there’s the money-stuff, too:

With a new all-time high in our Aggregate Index comes a new target date for the fall collapse. Though we have to admit the continued rally would be more mysterious if it were not largely powered by the Fed making up money.  And most people having no alternative investment ideas.

Which is odd when you think about it (which we will a bit today):  With Covid and variants being made lickety-split (*say “Mooo!“) very few people are considering the compound outcome of population reduction PLUS excessive money creation.

Think back to the previous century in terms of a Flu-mar Republic  hyper-inflation!

A few headlines and then off the high board into data…

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