Double Issue: "The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 10) And in Woo-Woo: Friday’s Time Shift

Lemme see: The Corruption of Money and a Tremendous Woo-Woo event – mind-stretchers huh?  Seem grand topics to be immersed in over a Labor Day weekend, don’t they?

After all, who in ‘Merica doesn’t work for “money” save a handful of blessed people who have found “another way.”  And of those, isn’t woo-woo expected?

Mostly, this weekend is about supply, demand, and logical limits.  Including when time gets out of bounds like it did Friday afternoon, between 3 and 4 PM Central time, if you didn’t notice the change personally. 

Last one of this magnitude was 45-days ahead of 9/11…it’s like a “bow wave” of a huge emotional hit.  The sense of time changes in advance.  Or it was CERN…but more on this as we wander along, seeking…what?

First, a few headlines and our charts.  And we’ll use incredible restraint by not referring to our Dorian story coverage as a “few lines of blow…”

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