Does Technology Lead to Socialism?

imageIn our Wednesday report, we looked at “utilization” in a number of areas, such as transportation where Uber and Lyft are quickly turning all of America into a country served by a “rental vehicle utility.

Today, we will take that concept further.

As we do, a fascinating question arises:  Do utilities arise from technology itself, or is it really driven by high capitalization costs?

In either event, it helps to define this Brave New World because the implications of either technology or high CAPEX driving more socialism begets a soft revolution that no one has yet labeled.

This isn’t like an Arab Spring deal…a headline and flash-in-the-pan.  If the conceptualization is correct, this is the newly arising wave that we’ll all be riding into the future.

Until it breaks. 

And, as we’ll see, no trend is extensible forever…of is it? Even free speech, as in Chicago, for example.

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