Does China Go for It?

Forgive our focus on odds of war this month over Taiwan.  But… A dark of the moon is at hand. Weather has started to move out of the potential battle theater.  And we see a high probability that China will make its move before additional U.S. arms land in the R.O.C.

This is an incredibly complex situation – far beyond the understanding of people who have not deeply studied the countries, people, and politics of what’s involved.

We’ve reduced some of it to a flow chart today, but more important is how China is on the verge of replaying the economic role of the U.S. during our Great Depression.

The situation becomes even higher stakes when we look at recent reports on how the semi-retired leadership of China has apparently increased pressure on president Xi in recent weeks.

The question – Will China Go for it –  is far from moot.

But then we have Consumer Prices just out today, too.  Which – along with anything that might happen between now and next Wednesday – will also feed into the pending Fed rate decision one week out.

A good time will be had by all, we’re assured.  But in case you’re not big on platitudes and false reassurances from a demonstrably crooked government, keep reading…

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