Displacement Shock X: NLO

Future Shock was heady stuff when Alvin Toffler wrote the book.  And yet,  as things have turned out, most of the futurists have, and do, continue to miss  the graceful artiness of complex systems.  Like Kurzweil in his  Singularity: Cool conceptually, but it glosses (OK, ignores, then) the  financial backplane.  In other words, who pays for the future and who gets  run over in the process.  The run-over social remnants what I call victims  of displacement shock…and since we’ve had a large number of such shocks  (starting with solid-state diodes, jet engines, transistors, chips, embedded  processors…well, you know the list) so we’ll just call the next shock ‘x‘  to keep life simple.  What’s coming with it is NLO – next level  optimization – as we more and more into robotic production and the  demise of human inputs.  We wonder what’s left to make an ‘economy’ of?   First, a few headlines before we wade into the quicksand of deep thinking…a  land where we wonder “What happened to the TV Repairman and the Fix-It Shop?

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