DIRT: "Day Information Residue" Trading

Why would a perfectly good doom-capable writer, such as Ures truly, be planning to sell his airplane next year?  Probably May’ish to June?

I mean, sure, if the crop of doomsayers predicting “Central Banks Losing Control” and other such spittle are right, then Ure’s the fool.

The reason that I have been snoozing through the alarmists is two-fold.  One:  They are usually wrong.  And Two: I had a novel to finish which is now nearly done and looking for a publisher or good agent.   Make that three reasons:  They’re also perpetually wrong.

Did I waste my time?  No…never.  You see, as you’ll discover in this morning’s report, there is a significant linkage possible between what I call Day Information Residue that many people trade on.

We’ll delve into the psychology of trading after coffee and headlines, as is our Saturday habit around here.  Let’s start with the breaking news on consumer prices, shall we?

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