Directorate 153: Quest to Take-Back the Future

Another one of those [possibly meaningful] lucid dreams of mine.  This time it’s about who “owns the future.”  What’s interesting is that ownership of that may be up for grabs. 

In the charts, we’re wondering when Wave II up (from the Feb. 19 high to the A-Fool’s low was 1-down and since we’ve been in 2-up) will be done.  We look at the problem through that spreadsheet downloadable on the Master Index page.

And we consider not only the “usual” virus impacts, but also some economic data..

So bean up and let’s do this…

– – –

A non-subscriber note:

People often ask “Is Peoplenomics kind of like a bulked up UrbanSurvival column?  Um, no…

Let me give you a “coded answer.”

Breitbart today is running a big headline “Producers Warn America Is Facing Protein Shortage in Coronavirus Era.”

This is a topic Peoplenomics readers take as “old news” – just taking a bit longer than expected to arrive.  The larger context, beyond the virus is laid out in our 06/25/2006 report: The Coming Protein Cost Explosion.  Follow the money, know the future.

You can work out the “value-proposition” for yourself. Although, do also notice how

all collides with paleo diets…

Food for thought, we trust…

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