Directorate 153: "Operation 30"

We will often use the “thinking tool” of a purely hypothetical trans-governmental entity we call Directorate 153 in order to frame certain discussions that would seem highly improbably, absent a cohesive organizing force.

Once you get used to the concept of our “run-away think tank” ensconced in the hill just off to the side of the Shenandoah Valley, however, you will quickly see how this “concept modeler” has become a staple in our power-tools for thinking cabinet.
After we talk about last week’s injured economy from Harvey – and yesterday’s market decline that was “close enough” given we had previously presented the 9-day lag between Katrina smacking NOLA and the subsequent market waking from denial – followed by a 5% decline – we will ruminate on where the evidence (and body counts) are pointing.

A globally “coincidental” drop-back to 1930 population levels comes into view.  Along with a seriously under-estimated Kim Jung Un.

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